1. What is the Chicagoland Golf Club and where did it come from?
The Chicagoland Golf Club is designed for Chicago area golfers who like to play a variety of great courses at great rates. The Chicagoland Golf Club was formed in 2011 as an expansion of the London Golf Club, which was established in 2005.

2. How do the clubs know I’m a member and and pay the Chicagoland Golf Club discounted rates?
Members reserve a Chicagoland Golf Club spot via the website, make a t-time at the course, and then simply sign-in upon arrival at the course. Green fees are not paid at any partner course. Members accounts are charged by the Chicagoland Golf Club as golf rounds are booked.

3. You say you have limited memberships available. How many members will you have?
Our membership number is directly proportionate to the amount of golf spots that we will be offering to start the season. Our program is not about signing as many members as we can. It's about making sure that the members that do join can play as much golf as possible. We monitor that very carefully to ensure we have happy, loyal members. Our goal is to ensure that there is more than enough golf for our members to play on any given day.

4. Does 1 spot = 1 t-time for 4 people?
1 spot = 1 member

5. Are there a limited number of Chicagoland Golf Club spots at each course per day?
Yes. The Chicagoland Golf Club will have a specific number of spots at each course per day. These spots are reserved on a first come first serve basis up to 7 days in advance. To ensure member satisfaction, The Chicagoland Golf Club will continue to add spots and bring on more courses as membership levels increase. The Chicagoland Golf Club wants every member to be a lifetime member!

6. Are there specific t-times allocated to The Chicagoland Golf Club?
There are no specific t-times allocated to The Chicagoland Golf Club. Members schedule their own t-times directly with the courses.

7. Are there any restrictions on t-times?
Members are not restricted to any specific tee times at the majority of our partner courses. Any booking restrictions are specified on our courses/rates page.

8. Do Chicagoland Golf Club members have to play together?
No, Chicagoland Golf Club members can play together if they want.

9. If we join as a group, do we have to always play together?
Chicagoland Golf Club members can play individually or as a group regardless of how they join.

10. Do your rates include cart?
Our rates do not include carts unless otherwise specified on our courses/rates page.

11. Can I just show up at the course with my member card and play?
Chicagoland Golf Club members must reserve a spot via the Chicagoland Golf Club website before showing up at the course. If any Chicagoland Golf Club member shows up at a partner course without having reserved a spot they will have to pay the full course rate if they wish to play.

12. Is my Chicagoland Golf Club membership transferable?
Chicagoland Golf Club memberships are non-transferable. Picture identification must be shown at the course and only the card holder is able to use the membership card.

13. Can I use more than 1 credit towards the price of a premium green fee?
Only one free or included credit may be used per booking.

14. Can one member book for other members, or do we have to book individually?
One member can book for other members using our "Book Friends" feature.